Last year, BKON dove into the cold brew landscape headfirst when co-founders and brothers Dean and Lou Vastardis began researching ways to use their patented RAIN (“reverse atmospheric infusion”) technology to make cold brew. Their goal with the prototype was to brew up to five gallons in under 20 minutes. Prototype no longer, their newest creation is called the Storm and is said to be able to produce an astounding 100 gallons of cold brew in 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to taste the fruits of its brews for yourself next week at the SCA Global Coffee Expo in Seattle.

More than just a behemoth of a cold brewer—which the press release from BKON notes will speed up the 20+ hour process by 80 times its current rate and “reduce coffee expenses by 30%, with no proportional increases in labor, overhead, or capital costs”—the Storm “allows for the creation of true single origin cold brew coffees.” From the press release:

Cold brew coffee marketed today as “single origin” falls short of delivering the true and distinguishable flavors that are experienced when the same coffees are brewed hot or served as an espresso. Roasters can now create and promote a continual release of cold brew offerings based on the origin of coffee in a way that the equals the credibility of their other specialty coffee extractions.

Because of the RAIN technology, which has been given a completely updated algorithm for the new larger cold brewer, the Storm allows for new types of “low-temperature extracted coffee beverages,” according to the statement. One such example is the Coldstretto, a ready-to-drink version of an espresso. This new drink type—made with coffee from Panther–will be showcased at BKON’s booth at the SCA’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle later this month. Single origin cold brews will also be available from coffee brands like Ceremony, Neat, and Allegro, among others yet to be officially confirmed.

The Storm, unfortunately, won’t be at Expo, because you try lugging around a few 100-gallon tanks, but you will be able to taste STORM’s brews on tap at the event, including the aforementioned Panther ‘Coldstretto’, which definitely sounds like a Summer 2017 hit single. More information about BKON’s new mega cold brewer can be found on their website.

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