We’re still a year and a half away from the Democratic clown car pulling into the big top, and let me just tell you, it is already getting full. Just when you think it has reached capacity, that 1971 VW Beetle finds room in the glove box to squeeze in an extra Hickenlooper or two. It’s safe to say that the opposition party could shed a few hopefuls and no one would really notice.

At this point, I don’t really care who. My suggestion is nixing Cory Booker. Why, you ask? Has he misused government funding? Are there rumors of some nefarious dealings in the back of a pizza shop? I’m afraid it’s even worse: Cory Booker tweeted a bad coffee joke. Repeatedly. Over the course of a decade.

The bad joke, proffered repeatedly and without remorse, was first brought to light by Twitter user Anna Fitzpatrick:

It’s a bad joke. No one is saying it’s a good joke. And as Fitzpatrick notes, it’s unfair to discount a presidential candidate simply because of a bad joke a decade ago:

…if it were only just one instance. In her threaded post, Fitzgerald uncovers 11 other instances of Booker making this same joke since 2009. Like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

Booker makes this same joke as late as 2017, which means he probably due for another one soon:

You get the picture. I’m not going to add them all here, because quite honestly, I’m not sure which ones I added already. Twitter, being Twitter, has responded as you would expect Twitter to:

To be fair to Booker, he isn’t the only other Democratic nominee repeating the same coffee catchphrases on Twitter. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, doesn’t think you are capable of staying up past 11:00PM without coffee:

And Kirsten Gillibrand, god bless her, uses the cost of coffee to help elucidate how the US could institute paid leave. But the tip of that coffee spear has become blunted with use:

Now, no one is saying a presidential candidate should be based solely on their coffee Twitter joke platform—because if so, JacksonBey 2020—but if you need a way to cut through the noise and narrow the focus just a bit, that seems as good an arbitrary designator as any.

Besides, none of this is going to matter when Howard Schultz’s ego trip delivers another win for old Trump.

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