It feels like only yesterday that we featured ReAnimator Coffee’s whole bean packaging. But that was long ago, all the way back in June of 2017, long before we had portafilters that go straight into espresso machines or an abundance of specialty soluble coffee. We didn’t realize at the time, but at that moment the folks at ReAnimator were tinkering with an instant option. ReAnimator launched its instant coffee line in December of 2017, in a partnership with instant coffee makers Swift Cup. Like the whole bean packaging, we’re smitten with the design, and we spoke with Matt Scottoline to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about the design process.

We spent a lot of time looking at the existing instant coffees and decided that we really loved the box and sachet form factor. The name of the game with instant coffee (in our opinion) is convenience, so being able to grab a sachet or two, stick it in your pocket or bag, and get going made a lot of sense. It also avoided needing to weigh out or properly dose from a jar or container. So once we knew that was the form factor, the decision came down to how we wanted to have the package look and feel. We wanted to stay on brand, but since it was a new product and form factor, we also wanted to have a little fun with it and make it enticing.

Who designed the package?

The box was designed by Russell Edling in Philadelphia.

How would you describe the look?

Our main goals with the packaging were to A) make it clear what the product was, B) keep it consistent with the brand, and C) make it fun. I think we were able to hit all of those. The packaging is inviting and exciting, clearly shows that it is instant coffee, and all of it is tied in to the use of color between the varieties to make it aesthetically pleasing and interesting. The sachets themselves are more basic and minimalist, with just our logo, the coffee name (if you’re mixing and matching sachets for a trip), and basic brewing instructions. It’s really all designed to be informative when traveling, since that’s how we imagine most people are using them.

How long has ReAnimator instant been in development?

We had been introduced to Nate from Swift Cup in the spring of 2017, and it took us a little bit of time (and confidence building) to make the decision to dive in. As a company, we tend to be fairly gimmick resistant, and we often come out of the gate cautiously when there’s a “next big thing” happening. But the utility of instant is really what won us over. After a bit of back and forth, we sent the first batch of coffee out for processing in November of 2017.

How have your customers responded to instant?

By and large, it’s gone really well. We still get a fairly regular influx of people who just think it’s funny, or a novelty. But we’ve had great feedback from our customers who do a lot of camping, hiking, or just general travel. Even internally, we were the types of coffee people who would lug a hand grinder, AeroPress, or some other kind of minimal brewing device on a trip—but now it just seems kind overkill when you can just pack a box of instant. I think customers are catching on to that, and the sales have only increased over time. It’s definitely not the future of our business, but it’s something that we intend to support and keep as an option.

Where is it available?

The instant coffee boxes are available in our cafes in Philadelphia and on our website.

How much does it cost?

One box [of six] is $19, or you can mix and match 3 boxes for $50.

Company: ReAnimator Coffee
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Design Date: December 2017
Designer: Russell Edling

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