Writers! Photographers! Illustrators! Videoists! Lend us your pitches—this is an all-call for new content contributors on Sprudge Media Network, home to Sprudge, the world’s most popular coffee publication.

Since 2009 Sprudge has pioneered original coffee journalism from around the world, and today our global network of writers and photographers help lead the way for how coffee is understood by the world at large. For 2019—our tenth year in the biz—we’re seeking to widen our pool of contributors around the world, and in the process continuing to advance the field of coffee writing to include new voices and perspectives.

We’re looking for smart, thoughtful, original writing and vivid photojournalism from writers and photographers this world over. Whether you’re a pro freelancer with a hundred clips under your belt, or an emerging voice looking for that very first paid feature assignment or photo commission, we want to hear from you today as we set our editorial calendar for the year to come.

So pitch us! We love all kinds of story ideas so please don’t be shy. But to help hone your concepts, here’s a couple things we’d love to see:

Original longform journalism — This can be focused on any sort of big idea, meaningful node or cultural trend, but we’re especially keen to hear pitches focused on telling stories from coffee growing countries.

Cafe spotlights and city guides — Tell the world where to go in the places you know best. Travelers use and trust our city guides as an essential resource, and we’re looking to aggressively grow this part of our coverage platform.

Intersectionality — Coffee is inherently interrelated to social categorizations such as race, class, and gender. In 2019 Sprudge will continue its work exploring the overlap between coffee and society, and we want your pitches on these and other topics tied into coffee as an interdependent cultural system.

News — We’re expanding our daily news coverage in 2019 and looking to add to our team of regular contributors. This means writers with their finger on the pulse of the industry and a burning desire to contribute regularly.

Gear — We’re taking submissions on the latest and greatest in coffee gear and tech, and seeking contributors who might be able to walk the show floor for us at upcoming coffee trade shows.

Photojournalism — We regularly pair up writers and photographers to produce industry-leading coffee journalism around the world. In addition, we’re seeking contributors with a unique visual eye to help guide our ongoing series of Instagram takeovers. If you’re a journalist with a keen visual perspective please, get in touch.

Artist collaborators — Sprudge works with (or seeks to work with) a wide network of creatives, including visual artists, designers, videoists, cartoonists, musicians, impressionists, poets, fiction writers, social critics, new media Dadaists and general coffee provocateurs. If you can dream it, pitch us—there’s no idea too bold. (Well, maybe some, but we want to hear those the most.)

Pitch us at submissions@sprudge.com—that’s submissions@sprudge.com—and we’re looking forward to speaking with you more in 2019. Sprudge is an independently owned, content-driven publication, operated by editors and founders who live and breath coffee culture. Come be a part of our contributor corps, and together let’s tell the coffee stories that matter.

That email address again is submissions@sprudge.com.

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