One of my favorite things about attending Expo every year is the opportunity to meet and learn from people involved in every aspect of coffee value chain. Yes, I love going to every party happening after each day (which by the way, you should come to mine), but there’s no better time to cup coffees with the people who produced them or hear from incredible folks who’ve forged different career paths in the coffee industry. If only I could do all of this and have the added bonus of an incentive for engaging with the coffee world like this.

Enter the Atlas EXPO Passport.

This year in Boston, Atlas Coffee Importers are giving SCA attendees the chance to win either a trip with Atlas staff to a coffee producing country or go to the Atlas office in Seattle, Washington for a full week of training and education. All you have to do is print out the Passport and attend an Atlas event or hosted location ranging from panel discussions to visiting them in the Roaster’s Village to receive a stamp. Complete five of the six pages on the Passport and you’re eligible for the dual grand prize. Complete three of the six and you’ll be eligible to win one of ten runner-up prizes including a ton of Atlas and partner swag.

From Atlas Green Coffee Sales team member, Katherine Hartline:

With the Passport, it was our goal to create a fun way for people to follow along if they’re attending this year, and are trying to make it as inclusive an opportunity as possible. We have a dual grand prize—the winner’s choice of traveling with us either to a coffee producing country, or to our Atlas lab in Seattle for a week of education/career development—so that anyone along the supply chain would find it a valuable and useful opportunity. We also included a translation link on the Passport and did not include any events that would incur a cost outside of an EXPO pass.

Head over to the Atlas website to read the full list of events and complete rules for the contest. Even if just for the learning experiences alone, the Passport will be more than worth a try!

Michelle Johnson is a news contributor at Sprudge Media Network, and the founder and publisher of The Chocolate Barista. Read more Michelle Johnson on Sprudge.

Top image via Atlas Coffee Importers

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