Time to ramp up those taste buds because Flight of Fancy is back! Populace Coffee’s game of “guess what coffee this is” is returning for its fifth year, and this go around, the winner earns themselves a plane ticket to Guatemala.

The game is simple… well, the rules are simple; the game itself is incredibly challenging. Each entry will receive four coffee of unidentified origin—represented in this iteration of FoF by different aircraft-shaped cards—and a map of eight coffee-growing countries. All you have to do is put the right plane on the circle representing the right origin. Easy, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Thanks to a sneaky pause on the map shown in Populace’s announcement video, it appears the eight origins for this year Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Sulawesi. Is that a Colombia or a Guatemala? A Peru or a Sulawesi? We know for sure that one’s a Burundi… or is it an Ethiopia… with hints of Rwanda?

Once you’ve talked yourself out of choosing Burundi (because what were you even thinking?! Though it was your first instinct and those are often right), take a photo of your completed map and email it to fancy@populacecoffee.com. Then post that photo to Instagram, making sure to tag @populacecoffee and using the hashtag #☕FOF2019.

Whoever submits the email with the correct responses first and has the corresponding post to Instagram wins themselves an origin trip to Guatemala along with members of the Populace team and Onyx Green Coffee. Other prizes include a Baratza Sette 270 and Acaia Lunar Scale, Department of Brewology Bloom Series Prints, Fellow Stagg EKG and three Atmos Vacuum Canisters, Kruve Sifter 12, five Ebb Coffee Filters, and a Handground Coffee Grinder.

This year’s number of entrants has been limited to 300. Costing $35 each, Flight of Fancy boxes are available for pre-order now until January 31st, with all deliveries beginning the week of February 4th. For more information, visit Populace Coffee’s official website. And get those spoons ready.

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