Remember that Central Perk pop-up a few years back, the one by Eight O’Clock Coffee that intrepid Sprudge reporter Eric J. Grimm ventured into one sunny September day? Well, rumor has it that the Friends-inspired coffee shop may become a full-time brick-and-mortar cafe.

According to Food & Wine, Warner Bros. Entertainment has trademarked the Central Perk, which has many speculating that a cafe or entire chain of them may start appearing across the country. The trademark was granted “not only for the name ‘Central Perk,’ but also its logo, for potential use with ‘Coffee shop and café services; coffee bars; tea bars; snack bars.’”

The article notes that simply trademarking the main hangout spot for the sextet doesn’t necessarily mean a coffee shop is in the works. But, given that Warner Bros. already owns the rights to the show, which includes “the rights to the content within the show”—including the fictional cafe—it only makes sense to trademark the Central Perk if they have plans to do something with it. Like, say, opening a coffee shop.

Admittedly, I hope a full-time Central Perk doesn’t actually happen; these TV-inspired cafes are always best as one-off pop-ups. Remember the Luke’s Diners that popped up everywhere and were wildly popular amongst Gilmore Girls fanatics champing at the bit for the new season on Netflix? It was a great idea, but hardly seems the kitschiness of the concept could actually sustain a business long after the excitement had died down and all that was left was the coffee. And then “Luke” (aka actor Scott Patterson) bro’d out a coffee company Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, and we all knew it had gone too far. So, please, Friends, quit while you’re ahead. No one wants Matty P’s Could This BE Anymore Coffee.

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