After Round Two of the second Democratic Presidential Primary debate, we’ve now seen what all the candidates… we think, there would really be no way of knowing; things get a little fuzzy in the “nondescript white guy” section of the group. A sum total of 25 candidates—TWENTY. FIVE—have taken the stage to give their best talking points on why they should be the one most likely to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 general election.

There are a litany of issues upon which you, an informed voter, can decide which candidate’s ideas most closely align with your own, but we here at Sprudge are a single-issue voting bloc. And that issue is coffee. For us it’s simple. What coffee do they drink? Do I like that coffee? Does another candidate drink a coffee I like more? 

That’s why we here at Sprudge have created this handy dandy quiz to help you figure out what Democratic candidate coffee order you truly are, deep down in your very soul, thus revealing your one true hopeful. Sure, we all want to be an Elizabeth Warren of a Julian Castro, but somebody’s gotta Buttigieg. Maybe that someone is you. Take the quiz and find out!

Top image via NBC News

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