As you may have noticed thanks to our recent fearless reporting, coffee booze is everywhere right now. 2019 has seen a significant uptick in the number of coffee and alcohol mash-ups (or wort-ups in the case of beer). Some of them sound pretty good; others feel like an attempt to rip wicked air in a shark jumping contest, acrest the cold brew wave.

How will you ever know which one is for you? Surely you can’t be expected to procure and try each and every hooch bottle with the words “cold brew” on them. You’d probably die or wish you had. Luckily Sprudge is here to save your life. We’ve put together a questionnaire to help you find the true spirit of your spirit, the hard coffee in your heart.

Are you a Jäegermeister Cold Brew or a PBR Hard Coffee? A Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey or some undrinkable coffee beer? Take the test and find out!

Don’t care for the hard stuff? Try another one of our wacky quizzes.

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