There’s no greater love song to diner coffee than David Lynch’s early 90’s mystery drama Twin Peaks (yes, I’m including Gilmore Girls. Deal with it). And no voice in that ballad is stronger than that of Special Agent Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlin, and this supercut promoting the long awaited third season proves it.

Charged with solving the murder of Homecoming queen Laura Palmer in the sleepy town of Twin Peaks, Washington, out-of-town FBI Agent Cooper spends a good portion of his time sipping on some “damn fine coffee” at the local rusty spoon, the Double R Diner (which in real life is the unintentionally Lynchian Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, Washington, where the series was filmed). I don’t know that, in the entirety of my life, I’ve ever enjoyed a cup of coffee with the same untempered joy that Agent Cooper has, and it makes me feel incomplete.

Though as the video shows, it’s not just Agent Cooper who really enjoys a great (and frequent) cup of coffee. It’s pretty much the entire town. Which, when you have that much caffeine running through you system at any given moment, explains why the owls are not what they seem.

Twin Peaks returns for an 18 episode third season starting May 21st on Showtime.

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