Earlier this year, we reported on a new video series from Cafe Imports titled Roasting Concepts. The eight-part introduction created by Cafe Imports then-director of eduction Joe Marrocco (now with Mill City Roasters) and creative director Andy Reiland is intended to serve as a foundation for those looking to break into the roasting game, the building block to bean browning, if you will. And now, all eight videos are available for your viewing pleasure. For free!

When the series was first announced in February, Cafe Imports released the first three videos, covering some of the main concepts that will be explored in subsequent videos: Introduction, Seed, and Machine. Along with Taste (as seen in Episode Four), the latter two represent the three core components of roasting. For videos five through seven, these three components were combined in different ways to show how they work together. Episode Five—Seed & Machine—for instance, goes into more depth about how the size, density, processing method, freshness, etc. of a coffee may (or may not) affect the overall time, heat application, and air flow in the roasting process.

Finally, for Episode Eight, Marrocco puts it all together three components for The Profile.

For anyone even in the exploratory phase of opening the roasting can of worms, the Roasting Concepts video series is a must-watch. But as Cafe Imports freely admits, these are the do’s and don’t’s; they aren’t here to tell you what is the right way and wrong way to roast coffee, simply “[helping] you optimize your quality by connecting the conceptual dots between your roasting machine.” And it’s completely free. For nascent coffee roasters, you’d be hard pressed to find a better use of two hours. To check the out videos for yourself, visit Cafe Imports’ YouTube channel.

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