If you’ve ever wanted to make your own brewing device, turns out it isn’t as hard as it seems. A new video from Men’s Health shows you the quick and easy way to build a rustic-industrial pour-over station to call your very own.

Here’s what your going to need: wood, some pipe, a few screws, a glass funnel, and a handyman and handyman accessories. First, you gotta clean the thing, then you need to paint the whatchacallit’s. After you’ve prepped the other thing, you need to make the standy part and thread the tuby part. And then voila! You’ve got a pour-over station.

The directions call for Melitta #2 coffee filters, but we’d suggest using V60 filters since they are cone shaped and will fit better inside the brew device. We also suggest not using heaping scoops of pre-ground coffee, and we know pretty much everything about coffee, from how to build the kajigger to what to brew with it.

If you’re not handy like we are and need more detailed instructions, Men’s Health has you covered (also if you need a lot of sex advice articles, they’ve got those too). If I don’t see at least one of these at the Brewers Cup in Seattle, I’m going to be a little disappointed.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Men’s Health

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