Yesterday we put out a cheeky little post on the Twitter and the Gram asking for experiences folks had serving coffee to celebrities and what they ordered. And let me tell you, it went hashtag viral. Well, maybe not full on viral, but it was hashtag contagious at the very least.

Work in the service industry long enough and you’ll have tales of the rich and famous. I waited on Paulie Shore when he came in right as we were closing, and buuuuuuuddy can really wheez on the juice. All-time rush yards leader Emmitt Smith once stiffed me on a tip. An unnamed guitar virtuoso came into a coffee shop and definitely didn’t not do cocaine in the bathroom while a member of his backing band told another barista his instrument was the “skin flute.”

Celebrities, they’re just like us! And really, they are the greatest expressions of the human condition. With all that money, they can act exactly as they feel without regard for anything else around them or fear of consequence. They are the worst of us because they are the truest of us; they are humans in their final form.

But like all of humanity, celebrities are not a monolith. Many are actually quite pleasant and have completely normal interactions with the less well-known. Thanks to the outpouring on Twitter, we’ve put together some of our favorite responses, none of which involve celebrities being on their more-celebrity-ish behavior.

Look at this list of nobodies. Only one of them has ever been president.

Nicole contains multitudes.

How of much Sam Elliott’s cappuccino do you think he actually gets to drink and how much is lost in his mustache?

All is full of glug.


Someone introduce him to Ice-T.

More Like Leonardo DeuxCappuccino.

This is not what I would expect Coach McGuirk to order.

Can we talk about how maybe Victor should have been asking for HER autograph?

And of course, no list of celebrity encounters would be complete without…


Do you have any celebrity encounters? We want to hear about them. Head over to Twitter and sound off.

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