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It’s a blustery November Monday, just days before America’s big Thanksgiving celebration. But right now, I’m not celebrating. It’s a dark, lonely, miserable morning and it would seem like nothing could pick me up. That is, until I stumbled upon the Toffogato from Philadelphia’s Ultimo Coffee.

I got on the horn with Ultimo founder and my old friieeeend Aaron Ultimo to find out more.

What is this magic?

Okay. So the Toffogato came about as a spontaneous collaborative effort between a few of my baristas and Sam Jacobson the chef/owner of a traditional British pie and mash shop down the street called Stargazy.

My guys have been obsessed with Stargazy since it opened a couple months back and everything they do is simply divine. Mostly it’s savory (and some sweet) mini pies wrapped in the flakiest, butteriest dough you’ve every had.

Their excellence extends to their decadent sticky toffee pudding—a spiced date cake smothered in a toffee sauce made of butter, sugar and cream.

My baristas thought it would taste great drowned in some espresso. And so the Toffogato was born.


Tell me more.

In the shop we keep some warm and ready to go. When ordered we dose out two ounces of the pudding, add an ounce of Maplehoffe Dairy whole cream, and an ounce of espresso. We serve it to be consumed at your leisure and as you choose. You can spoon it so that the ingredients kinda stay separate or you can stir it all up and spoon it in as kinda a homogenous thing. Either way it’s creamy, buttery, sweet coffee heaven.


Make mine a double. How much is this sweet, sweet gift?

It’s sells for $3.50 plus tax.

How long will you be serving this heaven-sent fantasia?

We should have it through the holidays.

Can you ship to Portland?

I’ll work on sending you some…somehow. Wasn’t there that thermos overnighting coffee that one time? I bet it could keep sticky toffee pudding warm too…hmm…

Hold me.


Ultimo Coffee is located at 2149 Catharine St. and 1900 S. 15th S. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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