A new coffee brewing device is about to hit the market and it comes with a hefty price tag. From Salt Lake City’s Saint Anthony Industries—makers of coffee brewing tools like the Phoenix brewer and Filibuster dual wall glass decanter—comes the brand new Automatica. The cost? A cool $1,000.

Announced late last week via the company’s Instagram, the Automatica takes a decidedly manual approach to automatic brewing. It consists of a kettle sitting atop a pedestal that, once it has brought the water to temp, tips over gently toward a pour-over brewer and mug that is spinning slowly, mimicking a circular pouring pattern. From the Saint Anthony website:

A machine for simple, precise, push button coffee brewing. It’s your easiest path to a world class cup of filter coffee. Simply fill water, add coffee, push the button, then walk away or enjoy the show. Once the kettle reaches a boil, the Automatica’s human like brain uses a seismic algorithm to flawlessly execute the perfect pour while controlling volume, flow-rate, and total time.

While not yet in production, the Automatica is available for pre-order on the Saint Anthony Industries website for $1,000, though only a $200 fully refundable deposit is due up front; the remaining $800 is due at order fulfillment.

But for those not looking to drop capital letter K-type money on a brewing device, according to a second post on Instagram, the Automatica will be coming to Kickstarter some time later this week, which perhaps may contain some early bird backer specials that keep the price below four digits. This is all unsubstantiated conjecture based upon the general arc of crowdfunding, but you never know. All interested parties should keep an eye on Saint Anthony’s Instagram account for more details on the go-live date.

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