We are up to our ears in ballots here at Sprudge Studios campaign headquarters. Still with two short weeks from the closing of the polls for the 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Oatly and we can already unequivocally that the number of votes cast this year is going to be the largest in history.

But don’t let the record-setting turnout deter you from letting your voice be heard; you’ve still gotta rock the sprote. Yours may be the difference between your favorite coffee person/shop/thing winning or losing to that coffee person/shop/thing. You know the one. There’s still time! Vote for your faves, start a grassroots campaign, hire a few bad actors to spread disinformation about your opponents (don’t actually do that). But whatever you do, don’t not vote.

Vote here for the Tenth Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Oatly. 

If you’ve yet to pick your ponies for the 10th Annual Sprudgies, we’ve listed the finalists for each of the 12 categories below. Don’t see who you are looking for? Do you feel like someone else is more deserving? You’re in luck. This year we’ve opened up the awards for write-in candidates. In a coffee scene where write-in candidates can ascend to the SCA Board of Directors we absolutely want to make the same campaigning available for The Sprudgies.

Once you’re ready, head over here to let your voice be heard and celebrate those helping to push the industry forward. Happy voting!

Voting for the 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Oatly closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, January 4th 2019.

Notable Roaster

This award honors a roaster doing exemplary work in 2018. This may include roasted coffee quality, strength of e-commerce, cafe locations (if applicable) and all other facets of running a successful coffee roaster. This year’s nominees are:

Devoción (Brooklyn, NY),
Go Get Em Tiger (Los Angeles)
Black & White Coffee Roasters (Wake Forest, NC)
Square Mile Coffee (London, UK)
Red Bay Coffee (Oakland, CA)
Gardelli Coffee (Forlì, Italy)
Sey Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)
Coffee Manufactory (San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA)

Notable Coffee Producer

This awards honors outstanding work by a coffee producer at origin. This year’s nominees are:

Daterra Coffee (Brazil)
Benjamin Paz (Honduras)
Long Miles Coffee Project (Burundi)
Gesha Village (Ethiopia)
La Palma y El Tucan (Colombia)
Juan Peña (Ecuador)
Gilberto Baraona (El Salvador)
Aida Batlle (El Salvador)

Best New Product

This awards honors a new coffee product released for public use in the year 2018. This year’s nominees are:

Minor Figures Oat M*lk
Atmos Vacuum Canister by Fellow Products
Yes Plz Coffee Subscription
Modbar AV
Huskee Cup
Umeshiso Cupping Spoons

Best Coffee Video/Film

This award honors an original coffee video or film released in the year 2018. This can include feature films, short films, promotional videos or social media clips. The nominees are:

AeroPress Movie
Gender In Coffee
Chris Baca on YouTube
James Hoffmann on YouTube
Go Get Em Tiger on YouTube
Cafe Imports Roasting Concepts Series
Flower Of Flowers by Stumptown Coffee
Unpacking Coffee

Best Coffee Writing

This award celebrates the best coffee writing of the year. Please nominate an individual, or a specific feature. If you nominate a feature, please add a link for review. This year’s nominees are:

RJ Joseph for The Knockbox
Phyllis Johnson for Strong Black Coffee originally appearing in Roast Magazine
Sabine Parrish for She’s A Lady originally appearing in Standart Magazine
Dear Coffee Buyer by Ryan Brown
The Monk Of Mokha by Dave Eggars and Mokhtar Alkhanshali
Ashley Rodriguez for Barista Magazine Online
Jenn Chen for Newsletter and Collected Works
James Hoffmann for JimSeven.com

Best Coffee Magazine

This award honors an outstanding coffee magazine or print publication release. This year’s nominees are:

Drift Magazine (USA)
Solo Magazine (Spain)
Caffeine (UK)
Coffee People Zine (USA)
Standart (Slovakia)
Roast Magazine (USA)
Barista Magazine (USA)
Pour Over by Califia Farms (USA)

Best Coffee Instagram/Twitter

This award honors outstanding work across social media platforms. This year’s nominees are:


Best Coffee Podcast

This award honors outstanding work in the podcast medium. This year’s nominees are:

The Coffee Podcast
Cat & Cloud
Boss Barista
Keys To The Shop
Coffee People MX
Coffee With April

Best Design/Packaging

This work honors notable design or packaging work in coffee. Nominees may include coffee products, coffee bags, coffee logo or graphic design work, or any other example of outstanding coffee design. This year’s nominees are:

Coffee Manufactory (San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA)
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters (Lakewood, CO)
Brandywine Coffee Roasters (Wilmington, DE)
Kaffa (Oslo, Norway)
Fjord Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany)
Onyx Coffee Lab (Bentonville, AR)
Lüna Coffee (Vancouver, Canada)
Friedhats (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Best New Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe that has opened in 2018. Nominations for cafes that have opened before January 2018 will not be eligible for this category. This year’s nominees are:

Ladder Coffee (Spokane, WA)
Dayglow (Los Angeles, CA)
Mane Coffee (Boca Raton, FL)
Misión Café (Madrid, Spain)
Provider (Indianapolis, IN)
Stumptown Coffee Cobble Hill (Brooklyn, NY)
Center Coffee Myeongdong (Seoul, South Korea)
Rosslyn Coffee (London, UK)

Sustainable Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe for prioritizing sustainable environmental stewardship. This can include zero waste practices, pursuing a reduced carbon footprint, and highlighting sustainable coffees and products. This year’s nominees are:

Isla Cafe (Berlin, Germany)
Casa Quilha (Brasilia, Brazil)
Bar Nine (Los Angeles, CA)
Madcap Coffee (Grand Rapids, MI)
Houndstooth Coffee Walnut Hill (Dallas, TX)
Kokako Organic (Auckland, New Zealand)
Smith Canteen (Brooklyn, NY)
Miir Flagship (Seattle, WA)

Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence

This award is presented each year to a remarkable coffee person, organization, cause, or entity that embodies coffee excellence. This is our most prestigious award. This year’s nominees are:

T. Ben Fischer
Phyllis Johnson
Coleen Anunu
Umeko Motoyoshi
Agnieszka Rojewska
Adam JacksonBey
Michelle Johnson
Erna Knutsen (posthumous)

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Voting for the 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Oatly closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, January 4th 2019.

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