We’re looking for twenty people who are changing the world of coffee. And we need your help.

Welcome to The Sprudge Twenty—presented by Pacific Foods Barista Series. The Sprudge Twenty is a new annual initiative honoring and amplifying leaders in the specialty coffee community. We believe that the future of coffee is being written right now, by the people who work in the coffee every day. The strength of this community is in its membership: the mentors and leaders as well as the young strivers and future game-changers. Baristas and farmers, traders and teachers, entrepreneurs and original voices—our hope is that by identifying those exemplifying what’s special about coffee, we will be able to uplift and center their stories to the entire world.

But Sprudge and Pacific can’t do it alone—we need you, our readers, to tip us off to the individuals who best exemplify what makes coffee special in 2019. This is an open call to our global network of readers and partners: nominate people in your business or community who exemplify excellence, leadership, and the future of coffee. Mentors can nominate their young students; owners can nominate a member of their core staff; or cafe patrons/coffee lovers of all kinds can nominate their favorite baristas or roasters.

Nominations can be submitted in any language, in the form of an original essay, audio nomination, or video recording, so that there is no barrier to submission. Entry is 100% free for all thanks to the support of Pacific Foods Barista Series.

Winners will receive a series of spotlight features highlighting their stories and causes on Sprudge, as well as mentorship opportunities from Pacific Foods Barista Series, and much more to be announced in the weeks and months to come. Nominations are now open through March 4th, 2019.

To nominate someone in your community for The Sprudge Twenty, simply fill out this form below, and visit sprudge.com/twenty for updates in the weeks to come.

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