Whether you watch sports or not, you undoubtedly know someone who makes it a point to let everyone know they aren’t going to watch the Super Bowl but are nonetheless going to watch the Puppy Bowl. And if you don’t watch sports, you are probably that person. You probably also say something like “sportsball”; we get it, you don’t like sports. Relax.

But even so, there doesn’t exist a single person on this planet—sports fan or not—that does not love the Puppy Bowl (a fundamental part of being human is loving baby animals. Therefore, if you don’t love baby animals, especially a bowl full of them, you lack a part of the essential nature that defines a thing as “human” and therefore are some other manner of monster). And now you can enjoy a hot cup o’ pup, as Animal Planet has teamed up with Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. to create the official coffee of the Puppy Bowl.

Much like all the best dogs—except for my three doggos, which range from thinks-he’s-a-cat to complete-asshole/might-actually-be-a-cat—the Puppy Bowl coffee is a blend, mixing medium roast beans from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea to impart “sweet notes of molasses and ripe red berries, followed by a finish of milk chocolate and toasted vanilla,” according to The Daily Meal. And the best part is, 30 percent of the proceeds go to finding foster homes for shelter dogs.

Grounds & Hounds founder Jordan Karcher had this to say:

At the core of Grounds & Hounds is a passion to create delicious coffee for our customers and to generate support for the amazing people and organizations who are providing a second chance for pups in need… Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is the perfect platform to draw attention to the animal rescue movement, and we are thrilled to take part in supporting their efforts. To celebrate our favorite event of the year, we’ve developed this special coffee blend and we look forward to continuing to work to ensure every pup has a second chance at happiness.

The Puppy Bowl Blend comes in 12-ounce bags and retails at a cool $14.50. And if you’re not yet convinced, Grounds & Hounds would like to entice you with a free bandana with every order for your fur child to wear during the big game. Or you could wear it, to a Super Bowl watching party at your friend’s house, say. You can talk about how you don’t know what teams are playing in the “Big Match” and say that the bandana is your version of wearing a jersey and how you are #TeamRuff. Make sure you say something about “sportsball”. Everyone loves the person that makes the sportsball joke.

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*top image via Grounds & Hounds

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