Last year, Modbar released their Espresso AV, a collaborative effort with La Marzocco that took the reliable workhorse of an espresso machine, The Linea PB, and combined it with the undercounter design for which Modbar is known. And this weekend, Modbar is completing the full undercounter AV setup with the announcement of the brand new Steam AV module, now available for order.

The new Steam AV keeps all the favorite features of the original model, most notably the sleek, minimal design, but is adding in a host of new features. Working again in collaboration with La Marzocco, the new Steam AV includes a vacuum-insulated double-walled steam wand, high-volume dry steam ability, and an omni-directional ball fitting, per the press release. From the release:

Like all Modbar offerings, the Modbar Steam allows customers to introduce steam capacity wherever they may need it in the buildout. The Modbar Steam lever design matches the size, angle and position of the Modbar AV, creating a more ergonomic workspace for espresso steam combinations. It also keeps purging to a minimum so baristas can steam beautiful milk effortlessly.

The new Steam AV will make its debut at the NAFEM Show next month. It is currently available for order with a two-week production lead time. For more information, visit Modbar’s official website.

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