Welcome to a bite-sized episode of The Coffee Sprudgecast, taped in the hazy days after the 2017 US Barista Championship and SCA Global Coffee Expo. Special Correspondent Liz Chai (@chaiamericano) sat down with Onyx Coffee Lab Barista Trainer and 2017 US Brewers Cup Champion Dylan Siemens in a cozy cafe in Portland, Oregon. Think of this week’s show as a follow-up to Liz Chai’s reporting from the US Coffee Champs showfloor in Episode 41, in which Chai interviewed a competition judge (Mallory Lecht), volunteer (Sara Frinak), competitor (Talya Strader of Equator Coffees) and coach (Matthew Jung-Quillen).

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We hope you enjoyed this week’s show, and thanks for listening! While we have you, there’s some other really essential coffee podcast work happening right now, and we want to shout out some of our current favorites. This week’s Sprudgecast is fun sized, so it’s the perfect time to download and start following some other excellent coffee podcast content.

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Photos by Elizabeth Chai.

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