#CoffeeToo, a “volunteer-run grassroots community project dedicated to gathering and sharing information and resources with coffee professionals on the topics of discrimination and sexual harassment within the coffee industry” spearheaded by Molly Flynn is launching a new initiative in the form an epic pledge campaign. The campaign, according to Flynn, “urges the whole coffee community (not just the US coffee community) to pledge to conduct themselves in a non-toxic way and to be active allies in toxic situations.”

In a written statement, the organization explains “#coffeetoo has created a pledge for any person, organization, or business to say they will not engage in toxic or dangerous behaviors, and will instead adopt an action plan for being an active ally for those who are in toxic situations.”

Once members of the coffee community sign the pledge, there will be a number of ways to show solidarity: the organization will be handing out enamel pins and users will be able to express their allyship digitally with custom Facebook photo frames.

To help support the initiative, #CoffeeToo are hosting an upcoming event—their first—to drive community engagement and support. To learn more about #coffeetoo and this event, head over to the #coffeetoo Facebook page.

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