There are so many great events going on in the coffee world this weekend: Night of 1000 Pours happening all across the nation, spotlighting the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, ACLU, Houston Food Bank, and American Red Cross; #CoffeeAyudo in Chicago, benefitting those affected by natural disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico; and now an event at Equator Coffee on Sunday, benefitting the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

On Sunday, International Coffee Day, all Equator’s Bay Area cafes will only be serving coffee from Honduras Comucap and Sumatra Queen Ketriara, both women-owned projects. Equator will then donate to the IWCA 75 cents for ever cup of coffee sold as well as $2 for ever bag of these coffees sold in-store or online.

The IWCA is a charity very near and dear to Equator. In fact, Maureen McHugh, Equator’s Vice President, has been working with the charity for over a decade and has on the board for the last three years. The non-profit has 22 chapters worldwide that seek to tell the story of women in coffee. Each chapter is set up and run by local women to address needs specific to their community. Projects have included: changing outdated laws preventing women from registering coffee in their own names (instead of a male relative), applying for grants for education and health screenings, developing trainings to improve coffee quality and increasing per-pound price, and promoting eco-tourism.

So get involved everyone! If you live in the Bay Area, stop into an Equator on Sunday and grab a cup of coffee. If you live anywhere else in the world, buy a bag of Honduras Comucap or Sumatra Queen Ketriara online. Either way, you’re helping make a difference and getting coffee. Pretty sweet deal.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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