Ahoy there, dean. It’s no secret that Stumptown Coffee loves to gleam the cube. Skateboard culture has long been part of the brand’s aesthetic, and the company even took a few of their pro skater friends to Antigua, Guatemala to shred some Central American gnar for the Sprudgie-nominated short film Flower of Flowers. And now they’re taking the next logical step with their love of skateboarding. (No, I don’t mean setting up a GS/3 at the lip of an empty pool, though that would totally rip and sip.)

Stumptown has announced the creation of a new Skate Team, featuring notable skate legends Chet Childress, Silas Baxter Neal, Nick Boserio, and Elissa Steamer, a fan favorite and legendary playable character in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. As a recently certified B Corporation, the Skate Team is “one of the many ways Stumptown invests in their employee culture,” per a press release from the company.

For the inaugural Lords of Stumptown, next month the brand will release Breaking The Crust, a 20-minute short film to showcase the company’s newest—and technically speaking the raddest—venture, a preview of which can be seen below.

The coffee company is also releasing a limited edition cold brew and whole bean coffee, both made of the Colombia El Jordan sourced through fellow B Corp Caravela Coffee. Now available in-store and online, the bag design for the special release coffee was designed by Childress, and $1 of every bag and can sold goes to one of three skateboarding non-profits chosen by Stumptown employees, two of which are female-led. Non-profits slated to receive donation from the Skate Team are Skate Like A Girl, Exposure Skate, and the Harold Hunter Foundation.

For more information on the Skate Team (or maybe even to buy the limited edition Skate Team box set), visit Stumptown’s official website.

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