Who’s ready to party hardy at the Expo in Boston next week? The answer to this mostly rhetorical question is: not everyone. There’s certainly nothing wrong with crowded spaces filled drinking, dancing, and loud music, but it isn’t necessary the atmosphere all individuals want to find themselves in after a long day at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Some want something more laid back.

That’s why coffee-person-extraordinaire (and really, you can take the “coffee” part out of that sobriquet and it will be equally as accurate) Jenn Chen has put together SCA Game Night. Taking place Saturday, April 13th at Pavement Coffeehouse’s 415 Western Ave location, SCA Game Night is a way of mingling with your fellow coffee professionals in a laidback atmosphere without the pressure of drinking.

Now in its third year, the SCA Game Night is Chen’s answer to the typical post-day-at-Expo festivities. “The goal of the night is still the same as it was last year and the year before: to have a ‘party’ that is a quieter alternative to all the other ones out there. I don’t mind going out on SCA nights but crowds of people, loud spaces, and lots of emphasis on drinking just isn’t my thing.” Chen tells Sprudge. “During Game Night, you get a chance to meet industry peers without music drowning out the conversation. It’s a laid-back atmosphere with no pressure to drink alcohol or force conversation beyond talking about your next game move.”

And what would a Game Night be without games? Boxes and boxes of games. Thanks to the generous donations of Pacific Foods‘ Customer Marketing Manager for Specialty Coffee and Head Judge and Committee Chair for the US Barista Championships Nathanael May, there will be “five (5) moving boxes full of games.” And if you happen upon a game you like, you are more than welcome to take it home with you. Or if you’re up to it, throw a board game or two into your luggage and bring it Game Night. I’m packing the ever-portable Hey! That’s My Fish that I copped last time I was at Coral Sword. Sprudge Live lead photographer Charlie Burt will probably be bringing a suitcase full of Magic: The Gathering cards if you want to challenge him.

Soft drinks and plant-based snackies will be provided by your favorite coffee journalism, news and culture website Sprudge. Though there will be no kegs or signature cocktails or any other drinking compellers, SCA Game Night isn’t requiring any teetotaling. Alcoholic beverage are available on a BYO basis.

SCA Game Night kicks off promptly at 6:00pm at Pavement Coffeehouse on 415 Western Ave. The event is free to attend and welcome to all Expo attendees and local coffee professionals. For more information—and to post what games you are bringing—visit the SCA Game Night’s Facebook event page.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

Top image via Jenn Chen

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