Time to step up your popcorn game. London-based coffee consultant and Coffee Masters co-creator DunneFrankowski just released this fun video on how they get down (presumably) before a serious Netflix sesh. Using a 15kg Probat roaster, they are taking popping corn to a whole new level.

The video is newest addition to the coffee consultancy’s Hipster Coffee series, which as the name implies, is a less than serious take on the sometimes all too serious world of specialty coffee. It joins DunneFrankowski’s videos for a siphon latte and their Irish coffee recipe, a syphon brewed, aeropressed “coffee” consisting of potatoes, butter, and chives. Spoiler alert: it’s mashed potatoes. They are the antidote for coffee’s overwrought Instagram accounts. You know the ones.

And before anyone gets in a huff about them using a roaster for something other than roasting coffee, can we all just agree that it’s a fun video? And I mean, roasting coffee and popping popcorn aren’t all that dissimilar. Both involve heating a seed until the water trapped inside it turns to vapor, leading to a “crack”. And both have sugar and or butter added to the finished product with various levels of gastronomic success.

Will this video start popcorn’s third wave (the second was obviously kettle corn)? Will we soon obsess over roasting curves and single origin kernels from small estate farms from the highest elevations of Nebraska? Will there be a backlash against common popcorn parlance (It’s a SEED not a kernel)? One can only hope.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*all media via DunneFrankowski

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