So you’ve decided you want to start roasting coffee. Great! But where do you go from there? Should you go gangbusters and buy a $60,000 roaster (you’ll grow into it right?) or maybe start small and just throw a few handfuls of green coffee on a skillet just to see how it goes? Well, before you do either, there’s a new video series from Cafe Imports you may want to check out. Called Roasting Concepts, the eight-part series looks at the fundamental elements of coffee roasting and how they all work together. And it’s free!

Created by Cafe Imports’ director of education Joe Marrocco and creative director Andy Reiland, the video series begins by introducing the “three main elements” when one is roasting coffee: the seed, the machine, and taste. From there, the tutorials progress into how these three elements interplay with one another, and finally how all three work together.

From the Cafe Imports website:

Our goal with every educational resource we provide is not to prescribe “right” or “wrong” approaches to buying, roasting, and tasting coffee, but even more significantly to empower you with knowledge that will propel you on your own journey. Our goal with this series of videos is to describe what exactly is happening in the coffee roasting process, and to help you optimize your quality by connecting the conceptual dots between your roasting machine, the coffees you choose, and the methods you apply to create the flavor profile you desire in a repeatable, accessible way.

As of publishing this, Cafe Imports has released three videos from the Roasting Concepts series: an introduction (which can be seen below), Seed, and Machine, all of which can be found on YouTube. There is no stated timeframe for when new videos will be released, so if you are interested in watching them as they come out, you should probably subscribe to the Cafe Imports YouTube channel. Then after watching all the videos you can decide whether or not you should get a custom paint job on your 15-kilo Giesen or if that would be a little too garish.

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