Extraction Lab

Utah steep on makin’ it, Brooklyn steep on takin’ it.

Salt Lake City’s Alpha Dominche has just opened their expansive new 2,000 square foot tea and coffee emporium, the Extraction Lab, in Brooklyn’s Industry City. According to their press release, the maker of the Steampunk’s opened-as-of-February-1st storefront will be the “first NYC shop to focus equally on craft-brewed coffee and tea, and will allow guests to choose between regions, cultivars, brands, roasters, processing methods and more.”

The new Extraction Lab is a meditation on abundance, with no fewer than eight Steampunk modules as well as Alpha Dominche’s brand new Sight batch brewer and a rotation of 10-15 coffee roasters and up to 50 tea brands. According to the press release, the Lab will feature an international cadre of roasters including Oslo’s Tim Wendelboe, Tokyo’s Maruyama, and Berlin’s The Barn. They will accompany US roasters Verve, Onyx, and Corvus, to name a few.

And not to be outdone, Alpha Dominche will also roast in-house using coffees from the highly lauded (and very pricey) Ninety Plus Gesha Estates farms in Panama and Ethiopia. Prices range “from an excellent house roast or house tea for $3 per cup to some exceptional coffees and teas available for $18 per cup.” The Extraction Lab will also serve pastries made locally by Meyers Bageri.

For a full list of roasters or more information on the Extraction Lab, check out their website here. The Extraction Lab is located at 33 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Alpha Dominche

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