Let’s talk about some good stuff today.

Welcome to the 2017 Sprudgie Awards season! This marks our ninth year (!) awarding the finest in coffee in twelve categories with the most coveted coffee award: The Sprudgie. Our committee is standing by and welcomes your nominations for the 2017 Sprudgie Awards between now and Friday, December 1st. We will announce finalists on Monday, December 4th.

To protect our awards process from bots, we ask that you submit your email address with your nomination ballot. We will not use your e-mail for anything beyond verification. We won’t sell your email, spam you with membership requests, or demand that you sign you up for our weekly Sprudge Letter (although you really should).

Cast your ballot! Tell your friends! Nominate your heroes! A lot of really good stuff happened this year in coffee and it’s time to tell the world. Best of luck!

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