On September 29th, 2017 we’re organizing coffee bars and beverage lovers from across the beer, wine, and cocktail industries for a night of charitable organizing. It’s called the Night of 1000 Pours, and it’s part of a new initiative of bi-annual fundraising events happening twice a year. You can read much more about these events—and sign up to host one yourself—by visiting the official Night of 1000 Pours website.

The response from coffee and beverage communities around the world has been staggering, but none more so than the coordinated effort being launched by our colleagues in New York. Lead by a three-person team of Sam Penix (Everyman Espresso) Eric J. Grimm (Everyman Espresso/Sprudge) and Dandy Anderson (Gimme! Coffee), the New York Coffee community has been organized into a multi-pronged fundraising movement, activating spaces across the city as centers for philanthropy and disaster relief.

“Coffee houses have an ancient history that has always been tied to community activism,” Everyman owner Sam Penix tells Sprudge. “The city of New York’s coffee community is proud to continue the tradition of cafes as a place for propagating ideas and philanthropic support of progressive national movements by participating in Sprudge.com’s Night of 1000 Pours.”

If you live in New York City and read Sprudge, go to these events.

Poster by Syd Low (@coffalofee)

First, this coming Thursday, September 14th, our partners at Joe are hosting an epic throwdown fundraiser at their Washington Square Park shop (37 East 8th Street). This event is presented by TNT NYC, and you can learn much more via the event’s official Facebook page. Competitors are encouraged to do their own community fundraising to support a buy-in of $50, and there is a suggested entry fee of $10 at the door. Competitors can register here. Target fundraising goal is $1500! Funds raised will go to the charity of each company’s choice, to support disaster relief.

Poster by Syd Low (@coffalofee)

Next, on September 29th, another massive latte art throwdown fundraiser is being hosted by our partners at Counter Culture Coffee at their lower Manhattan Training Center (376 Broome Street). This event follows the same format as the event on the 14th, meaning it’s a $50 fundraiser fee to enter, plus $10 at the door, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Target fundraising goal is $1500! Funds raised will go to the charity of each company’s choice, to support disaster relief. Ticketing info out soon, and we’ll update this post with more info when it goes live.

Poster by Nick Hiltner (@nickyhiltner)

And finally, from September 27th-29th a collection of some of New York’s best coffee bars are teaming up to offer drink specials and on-site fundraising across the city. To keep things fun and weird in the face of tragedy, this fundraising effort is themed around those most lovable agents of battle and friendship, the Pokemon. You’ve simply got to collect them all as signature drink specials roll out across the city, including:

Gimme! Coffee in the role of Pikachu, serving the “Electric Spritz”—Yuzu, muddled mango, Sichuan pepper, and sparkling lemonade garnished with a dried chili pepper and sprinkling of Tajin.

Variety Coffee in the role of Ekans, serving the “Coffee Cotton Candy”—Espresso and vanilla soaked sugar, spun into a delightful (and caffeinated) cotton candy.

Gregory’s Coffee in the role of Mew, serving the “Crystal Ball”—Espresso with grape, bubbles and lemon for a drink that is both cute and delicious.

Underline Coffee in the role of Primeape, serving the “Go Bananas”—A riff on Bananas Foster and espresso, featuring flambé banana house made syrup, vanilla infused milk, and espresso, shaken with ice and dusted with cinnamon.

Chalait in the coveted role of Jigglypuff, serving the “Mon Cheri”—Espresso, chocolate ganache, black cherries, and almond-cashew milk.

Everyman Espresso in the role of Charmander, serving the “Flaming Lizard”—Espresso, ginger bitters, simple syrup, and expressed lime.

Joe NYC in the role of Mightyena, serving a delicious charcoal latte.

Toby’s Estate in the role of Pidgey, serving a very special signature drink—an Iced double shot of Toby’s Bedford Espresso with peach apricot syrup, topped with homemade peach and goji berry whipped cream with a cookie crumble and goji berry dust. This drink is available to-stay only at Toby’s West Village, Brooklyn and Long Island City locations.

We’re inspired by the sheer amount of organizing and good will going into these events, and proud to support them. We hope reading this might have inspired you to throw a fundraising event in your region for Night of 1000 Pours on September 29th. Cruise over to the official #1000Pours website to learn more about this initiative, check out some of our worthwhile suggested charities, and register to throw an event in your city.

Thank you New York City, we love you.

Jordan Michelman is a co-founder and editor at Sprudge Media Network. Read more Jordan Michelman on Sprudge. 

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