Who couldn’t use a little magic in their life right now? The fine folks at Abracadabra Coffee have been casting their circles in Woodstock, Vermont for two years and invoked a charming new look for their packaging this year. Abracadabra blends esoterica with arabica and the only thing dark sided about the coffee is its penchant for the occult. We spoke with Clint Hunt via the Ouija board to learn more.

Tell us a bit about your company!

Abracadabra manifested into existence in 2015. We are a tight group of three best friends (Antoinette, Sarah, Clint) that wanted to showcase magical coffee in the most transparent way and have a fun fucking time doing it.

When did the coffee package design debut?

We spent the 2016 winter conjuring up the concept for the box design with butt loads of fire, booze, and laughter. We wanted to keep the look clean, classic, and strong. Monochromatic motorcycle riding cosmic witches ya know? We launched the design in May 2017.

Who designed the package?

With help from our friend/designer Andrew Plotsky of Farmrun, we designed a logo system, font style, and tons of mystical drawings to use. The name of the coffee is in the most legible black metal font we could create that is still debatably legible. It represents the pagan qualities we value of respecting the earth and universes. The box, made by Packlane, is recyclable, while the inner bag, by PBi, is compostable. No hocus pocus! We focus on single origin coffees that will reach out and grab ya.

What coffee information do you share on the whole bean coffee packaging?

The origin, region, farm, processing method, elevation, tasting notes, and roast date are all including on the labels.

When did the cold brew cans debut?

The design for the cold brew can was done by our good pal and visual artist Dang Olsen from L.A. Originally the design was commissioned to be on a skateboard deck, but we thought it was too sick, radical, gnarly, etc., and needed to be seen by more people. We have two rotating single origin cold brew cans. The white cans have a fruit forward adventures profile while the black cans have a chocolatey comforting profile. The can wraps, done by Lucky Clover, were set free in Sept 2017.

Where is your coffee + cold brew currently available?

Our “black on the outside cuz black is how I feel on the inside” boxes are available on our web store. The cans are available in Vermont. Make a trip!

Company: Abracadabra Coffee
Location: Vermont
Country: United States
Release Date: May 2017
Designer: Andrew Plotsky, Farmrun

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