Last year, we told you about the Ember, a “smart mug” that regulates the temperature of your coffee via a smart phone app. We may or may not have tossed around words like “overly complicated” and “you don’t need” and “$80.” Suffice to say, it didn’t make it to the final stages of the Sprudgie nominations. But you know who thinks we’re wrong? The Jonas Brothers. Most of them anyway.

CNBC reports that Nick and Joe Jonas are investors in the Ember. No Kevin, though. Kevin gets it.

After what some would consider a successful “music” career, Mr.’s Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner, respectively, have turned their sights to investing and comprise part of the $45 million the Ember has raised thus far, though the exact amount of Jonas money in not mentioned.

“Hot coffee is a big deal,” say Joe, which is the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from a person named after coffee twice. Though it’s a statement that is true and I agree with, I still find it somewhat infuriating, at least as an investment strategy. And what does Joe Jonas know? He’s got weird opinions about cold brew and “bougie third wave coffee [shops].”

But the Brothers Jonii aren’t the only celebrities that have put their money where their temperature-regulated coffee mug goes. Professional football players and noted best friends Aaron Rodgers and Ndamukong Suh, seen here playing a friendly game of Ankle-Step Butt-Slap, are also listed in the CNBC article as investors in the Ember.


They may never agree on whether or not you should be allowed to stomp on the neck of an opposing player, but if there’s one thing they can unite around, it’s battery powered coffee mugs.

The Ember has a current valuation at $140 million and has already netted north of $10 million this year, so what do I know? Nothing about coffee mugs or investing it would seem.

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