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After a bit of drama, Moonlight took its rightful place as the winner of Best Picture at last night’s 89th Academy Awards. Unsurprisingly, co-writer and director Barry Jenkins has received heaps of praise for his film following an African-American man through three stages of his life: childhood, adolescence, and manhood. But if Moonlight’s touching story isn’t enough to endear you to Jenkins, then perhaps this Four Barrel video he made seven years ago will do the trick.

A shade over two minutes long, the short is an homage to two of Jenkins’ loves: coffee and the films of Wong Kar-Wai. Shot in Wong’s unique visual style and even using Yumeji’s Theme from Wong’s In The Mood for Love as part of the soundtrack, the video portrays the simple act of making a pour over. Using Four Barrel’s El Salvador La Montanita and a Blue Bottle dripper (but not, you know, the Blue Bottle Dripper, which did not exist 7 years ago, unless this is actually a film about time travel, in which case…), the video follows every step of the brewing process in loving detail.

From one coffee lover to another, let me just say thank you to you, Barry Jenkins. As the rest of the world rightfully recognizes your talents for your most recent masterpiece, we love you for your early work.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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