Two weeks ago we published findings from our home coffee consumption survey showing that, while people are drinking more coffee and want to try new roasters during COVID-19, they are hesitant to purchase any new brewing equipment. It’s a reasonable stance: you’re going to be drinking coffee either way, so it’s no extra money to take a flyer on a new roaster for the week, but in times when many are out of work spending money unnecessarily on a new brewing device seems imprudent.

But what if that “new” pour-over device was actually a tried-and-true pour-over device with all proceeds being donated to displaced coffee staff around the country? Perhaps an exception could be made then, no? If these more favorable circumstances have you reconsidering new brew gear, then might I suggest you turn a thoughtful eye towards Melitta.

Announced on April 23rd, Melitta USA will donate “100 percent of profits from the sale of its pour-over products” to GoFundBean, a non-profit group created by Adam JacksonBey that compiles virtual tip jars from around the country where folks can go to donate money to out-of-work coffee professionals. Already underway, the initiative will include all pour-over sales on the Melitta website through the end of June.

“We’re incredibly grateful for GoFundBean and other organizations that are stepping in to provide assistance to an integral part of the coffee community that is experiencing significant impact from COVID-19,” said Chris Hillman, vice president of marketing, Melitta USA. “It’s great to see the industry banding together to help those in need, and Melitta is proud to be a part of that effort.”

To date, GoFundBean has amassed over 250 virtual tip jars around the world, though most reside within the United States. Per Adam JacksonBey, GoFundBean’s founder, the funds will be dispersed evenly amongst all tip jars on the sit. JacksonBey tells Sprudge:

We’re super excited that this is happening and to have such a wonderful first partner in Melitta, and we’re working on more ways and partnerships to help the working barista and hopefully we’ll be able to share more information in the near future.

So if these efforts have put you in more spendful spirits, perhaps a handsome porcelain pour-over set—in pastel pink or blue no less—may be up your alley? What about the classic Melitta 1-cup? Or maybe you have your eye on the very dapper Artisan Porcelain Pour-Over Coffeemaker/Canister Set. They’re all great options because they all make a great cup and they are all going to help out of work baristas.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.