Ahhh the great outdoors. Is there anything better than getting out in nature and just kinda shutting off for a few days? The answer, of course, is, “Yes, doing all those things you just said but with a proper cup of coffee readily available.” That’s why Mavam Espresso has outfitted a trailer with a full service espresso bar and is hitting the open road for three weeks for the aptly titled “Mavam On The Road.”

Teaming up with Adventure Ready, Teardrop NW, Gron CBD Sirap, Caffewerks, Rhino Coffee Gear, and Califia Farms, Mavam is spending the better part of May touring the West Coast, with a Teardrop trailer custom fitted with a two-group Mavam and Victoria Arduino Mythos One espresso grinder. Over the three-week period starting May 9th in Portland and ending the 26th in Pinedale, Wyoming, Mavam will be popping up and down the West Coast, hosting throwdowns, tech trainings, and giving many their first up close and personal look at the new undercounter espresso machine on the block.

In a press release, Mavam partner Terry Ziniewicz—who, it should be disclosed, has been a longtime friend and advertising partner of this website and is related to one of its founders by marriage—had this to say:

Building a Mobile Espresso trailer has been a goal of mine for a long time. Combining Mavam’s passion for great coffee experiences and the outdoors, we are looking forward to connecting with people across the Western US who share in our love of good design and adventure! We look forward to seeing you on the roads less traveled.

The scheduled stops for Mavam On The Road are:

May 9: Portland, OR, Roseline Coffee
May 12: Salt Lake City, UT, Saint Anthony Industries
May 19: Flagstaff, AZ, Overland Expo West
May 22: Phoenix, AZ, Provisions Coffee
May 25: Loveland/Denver, CO, Dark Heart
May 26: Pinedale, WY, Pine Coffee Supply

You can follow Mavam on their road warrior exploits through their instagram @MavamOnTheRoad.

Is it considered glamping if you bring a trailer but it’s so full of coffee gear that you can’t fit anything else in it so you just end up sleeping outside on the ground?

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*all media via Mavam Espresso

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