‘Tis the season for gift guides. We here at Sprudge pride ourselves on our gift guide making abilities; think of us as your coffee gift consiglieres. But game recognize game, and even we must admit, the new 2017 Home Barista Gift Guide from La Marzocco is very, very good.

The key to any great gift guide is providing options across a wide spectrum of price ranges, and the 2017 Home Barista Gift Guide has gift ideas from $8 to $8,000. Need a stocking stuffer? How about Lini Mini enamel pins? Or how about a shirt or poster designed by Department of Brewology? If you need something with a little more heft in your hanging oversized sock, then perhaps the Stateman walnut tamper from Saint Anthony Industries would be more your speed.

Maybe your’e looking for a gift that keeps on giving. Then a La Marzocco Home espresso subscription—featuring offerings from the current guest roaster at the La Marzocco cafe in Seattle’s KEXP Studios—may be just the thing.

But if you want to be loved and cherished forever, then you need to be ready to drop some major coin. And the cost of eternal gratitude starts at a cool $7,100, the going rate of a single-group La Marzocco GS3 MP. But good news! $7,100 is $400 off the regular price, so spend those extra few hunskis on you. You’ve earned it.

The 2017 Home Barista Gift Guide is chock full of espresso-based ideas for your favorite coffee maker. To see all La Marzocco’s gift ideas, visit their blog. To pony up the cash and buy what will surely be their favorite gift this year—or to buy yourself something because that $400 you saved is burning a hole in your pocket—check out the La Marzocco Gift Guide Store.

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