I love Kickstarter because it’s full of coffee gear that I didn’t know I needed but most certainly do. A modern version of a percolator, that new Fellow Stagg kettle (even though my other kettle with pretty much all the same features works just fine), a hand grinder that’s also a flashlight—I need them. All of them.

And lo, I have returned to that eternal wellspring of coffee ideas and found my next must-have: the Melodrip.

Essentially a dispersion screen on a stick, the Melodrip is promoted as a tool to bring more clarity to pour-over coffee, no matter the flow rate of your kettle. By pouring water directly from the kettle onto the dispersion screen—which then trickles evenly over the coffee bed—the Melodrip is said to drastically reduce and control the amount of agitation introduced during pouring. This, the Kickstarter claims, leads to fewer insoluble particles (also known as fines) in the cup, making for a cleaner tasting coffee.

To prove this, the team behind Melodrip made two different pour-overs using a Kalita Wave—one with the Melodrip and one without—and put into a centrifuge. After a few minutes spinning at 4,000rpm, the amount of insoluble particles that had collected at the bottom of the vials of regular brew were noticeably higher than those containing the Melodripped version.

With 25 days left to go, Melodrip has reached a little over $9,800 of its $10,000 goal. Current rewards include a complete Melodrip setup for as low as $35, $10 off the MSRP. Expected delivery date is April of 2018. For more information on the Melodrip or a full list of reward options, visit their Kickstarter page.

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*top image via Melodrip

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