Cancer sucks. A lot. And the fight against it makes allies of us all.

That’s why Department of Brewology and Sprudge are teaming up for the entire month of October to support cancer research. The “Make Coffee Stronger Than Cancer” campaign is an effort to activate the coffee community to raise awareness and charitable funds about an issue that not only deeply affects coffee professionals, but many loved ones around us all. No matter who you are reading this, cancer has touched your life in some way—and so let’s all stand up together and fight back.

How it works: We’re inviting any coffee-related business (or any business for that matter!) to join us in raising funds during the month of October for a cancer charity of their choice. Our recommended organization is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but you can raise funds for a local or national charity of your choice, based on what speaks to you and your community.

Fill out this brief form to let us know who you are and what organization you will be supporting, and we’ll keep a running list of partners and a link to their supported cause. Additionally, Department of Brewology has created a campaign poster that they will be providing the image of for supporting partners, who can display their involvement to their patrons. Sprudge + Brewology will be featuring participating cafes across our platforms over the month of October, so sign up, raise funds, and get featured!

We see this campaign as the latest extension of our bi-annual Night of 1000 Pours initiative, activating the coffee community for charitable good works. On behalf of everyone at Sprudge and Department of Brewology, we’re honored to continue efforts to use the coffee community as a force for philanthropy for issues that deeply affect us all, and appreciate your support on this journey.

—Sprudge Media Network + Department of Brewology

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