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Let’s take a deep breath and set our intentionality. This has been a truly intense last, what, two months? We so deeply appreciate you riding it out with us as a Sprudge reader. Thank you from everyone on this small independent media team.

Breathe in, breathe out. Ready? We have some news. We are launching a free global coffee map service for cafe lovers and cafe owners.


What the last couple of months have taught us is that while nothing in life is certain—not even death or taxes—the one constant through it all remains coffee. The coffee industry is poised, perhaps uniquely, to weather the deluge of pandemic disaster deeply impacting the hospitality industry, by virtue of small business ingenuity, an adaptive service model, and the public’s ongoing daily need for a hot, delicious cup. Home sales have skyrocketed; brewing at home has never been hotter. And yet all of us—your Sprudge editors included—yearn ever-so-greatly for a nice cappuccino, one of those little Americanos we like, even an almond croissant, yes, to be enjoyed and purchased at the cafe of our choosing.

We are not alone. People want cafes. People miss cafes. And in this strange moment, cafes around the world are adjusting to meet those needs, doing so with safety and sanity in mind, together weathering the uncertainty in an ever-shifting landscape, and beginning the process of re-opening to a grateful public.

This is why we’re launching Sprudge Maps. For consumers, this is a way to find out if local cafes in your area are open, with the latest hours and safety protocols. For coffee businesses, this is an expansion of our #StillRoasting program, a global compendium of coffee roasters who maintained operations through the wild early weeks of COVID-19. Sprudge Maps is taking this concept and growing it tenfold to include coffee companies large and small all around the world, offering small business owners an easy way to be listed, for free, on an easily updatable global resource.

If you are a coffee entrepreneur, here’s what to do next:

  • Go to SprudgeMaps.com right now
  • Register your company. It takes seconds and is free thanks to our sponsorship launch partners La Marzocco and Pacific Barista Series.
  • You can update your listing at any time. If your hours or safety protocols change, simply open back up your account and make the change.

If you are a coffee-loving Sprudge reader, here’s what to do next:

  • Go to SprudgeMaps.com right now
  • Follow along with regular updates from coffee companies in your area. Enjoy coffee safely and support the businesses you love. Drink good coffee.

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We know everything is in flux. Maybe your cafe is keeping limited hours; maybe most of your sales are online right now, with just one physical location still open. Business owners can use Sprudge Maps to update in real-time, connect users to their web stores and social media, and share with their communities. Consumers can use Sprudge Maps to discover delicious coffee, be informed on changing hours and safety protocols, and connect directly to brands.

Anyone can sign-up, and anyone can search for cafes in their area and be updated regularly on open hours and availability. You can drill down and explore by city, or use the resource to take a national picture of where coffee is happening anywhere in your state or country. Cafe owners and coffee professionals can use this as a free resource. It’s an easy way to find great coffee now, free and simple to update given the ever-changing realities of this uncertain moment.

Join us at SprudgeMaps.com today to find local coffee near you, or to register your coffee company for free. We hope this resource will grow and improve in the months to come, as more users take part and offer feedback and we connect more and more listings to features from our content archive. In the meantime, thank you for reading Sprudge, for supporting our work, and for allowing us to support you, the coffee community we love so dearly.

Coffee is gonna get through this, and we’ll do it together.

Visit SprudgeMaps.com today and thank you!

Sprudge Maps is a bet project from Sprudge Media Network. Sprudge Maps is sponsored by Pacific Barista Series and La Marzocco. Interested in supporting Sprudge Maps? Get in touch