We are excited to announce a new era of our publishing platform with a brand new product that we’ve been developing for the ten years we’ve been around. It is our namesake, and it’s something that we think will change the way you eat—and perhaps the way you live. We’re calling it Sprudge.

Sprudge chocolate coffee fudge drizzled upon a scoop of coffee ice cream.

It starts with espresso and chocolate fudge using the finest coffee and bean-to-bar chocolate. We use a time-tested recipe in development for nearly a decade to bring you a rich, flavorful, and yes, plant-based coffee fudge.

Sprudge smothers and covers a rich bowl of chocolate brownies.

We take this fudge and transform it into a remarkable dipping and dripping sauce, now available to ship worldwide. Hot Sprudge Sauce, the world’s first single-origin espresso bean-to-bar chocolate sauce. Drizzle it upon just about anything. But we warn you—it’s truly decadent.

Heating tips: always remove lid before heating. Do not overheat product. Jar may be hot after heating; handle with hot pad. As contents are used, less heating time is needed. Microwave: place open jar in microwave at high (100%) 1 minute; stir. Heat at high an additional 20 seconds at a time until warm; stir after each heating. Stovetop: place open jar in pan of simmering water; heat 3 to 5 minutes until warm, stirring often.

Available now in the webshop. Limited quantities—so act now!

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