Back in April, we announced the inaugural class of the Sprudge Twenty, a score of coffee professionals from around the world who are progressing specialty coffee in new and exciting ways. One of those individuals is Will Frith. Frith is perhaps best known in the United States for his time with Modbar, but has since moved to Ho Chi Minh City to be a part of the exciting coffee scene exploding in Vietnam right now. And on July 20th, Frith announced what part that will be. Introducing building, a roaster and co-roasting space in Ho Chi Minh City.

Made public via his personal website, Frith has teamed up with Dūng Nguyen, Anh Do, and Truong Minh Luong from The Workshop (as well as Kel Norman, his wife ) for the creation of building. Modeled after Buckman Coffee Factory, Pulley Collective, and Bay Area CoRoasters, Frith’s new venture is a co-roasting facility that wants “homegrown brands to be born here, to grow here, and to go out into this gigantic city and get bigger and be cooler than anything [he] could ever do.” Per the post, the new space, officially open as of July 22nd, holds “three coffee roasters, four espresso machines, proper green coffee storage, a training lab, two cupping labs, and a production space.”

More than just a space for others, building is also a coffee roasting company in their own right. Currently they toll roast for customers in Vietnam.

Per Frith’s post, more details will be forthcoming in the days and weeks to follow. But for now, more information on building can be found on their Instagram, Facebook page, and Frith’s personal website.

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