Green importer InterAmerican Coffee has recently announced a $20,000 donation to Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS), a coffee non-profit organization looking to create sustainable development in origin countries by treating “environmental, social, and economic factors in an integrated manner.” According to a press release, the money will go towards further HRNS’ Coffee Kids program as well as their Feed the Alliance for Resilient Coffee program. This all sounds great, but what does it all mean? How will the money actually be used?

If these are the sort of questions you have when hearing about a sizable donation, InterAmerican want to invite you to the Future of Coffee, “a definitely-not-awkward evening of delicious drinks, two guest-of-honor coffees, and much frank and lively conversation about the future of everyone’s favorite beverage.”

Taking place Thursday, September 27th at Counter Culture’s New York Training Lab, the Future of Coffee is not only a chance to celebrate and taste coffees from two “projects that focus on areas of coffee life [InterAmerican] thinks are essential to coffee’s future”—youth, gender equality, climate change response, and producer profitability—but to also ask questions, discuss, and find out more about how this money will help the people working these farms. The conversations will be led by Jan von Enden (Hanns R. Newmann Stiftung), Joanna Furguile (Coffee Kids), Kathryn Selengia (Climate Smart Coffee), and Emiliano Rice (InterAmerican Coffee).

The coffees to be served at the event include the Guatemala San José Poaquil HRNS from the Chimaltenango region, where partner farms have seen a 56% increase in their yields and a 28% increase in income since beginning work with HRNS, and the Honduras Coffee Kids Uniocafe from the Ocotepeque region, a coffee that comes from 33 producers all aged between 15 and 39.

The Future of Coffee gets started at 5:30pm on Thursday, September 27th at the Counter Culture New York Training Lab. The event is free to attend but InterAmerican is asking those who are planning on making it to RSVP. To reserver your spot or to find out more information on the Future of Coffee, visit their official website.

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