It wasn’t but four months ago that I said I was done—“DONE I TELL YOU,” I shouted like a teenager with a broken caps lock key—groveling at the feet of shoe companies for free coffee- (or avocado toast)-inspired sneakers. But like the Simone Biles of not-sticking-to-my-guns that I am, I’ve done a full-on tucked triple double flip-flop (and stuck the landing) thanks to these Café du Monde-inspired Sauconys. And I would like it very much if someone gave me a pair, thank you.

Designed by Sneaker Politics, a sneaker boutique based in New Orleans’ French Quarter not but a half mile from the world famous Café du Monde, the limited release shoe takes the Saucony Shadow 5000 and gives it a beignet-keover with two different colorways: “Beignet Brown” and “Powdered Sugar.” According to Hypebeast, the Beignet Brown “features a three-tone brown suede leather and mesh upper, detailed with white flecks mimicking the powdered sugar sitting atop the delicacy.” The Powdered Sugar features a white suede and mesh and a powdered tan upper. Both colorways receive a pop of color from the green soles, “a nod to Café du Monde’s iconic green and white awnings,” per, as well as the perfect green Café du Monde in green script on the tongue.

And if you needed just an extra just *mwah* chef’s kiss to really set the whole thing off, “the sneaker box looks like the goddamn beignet mix,” as one Sprudge editor so succinctly described it in our covetous Slack chat.

But if you were hoping to get your hands, or your feet I guess, on either version of the Café du Monde Shadow 5000, your ability to do so has a one-to-one relationship with your knack for being in New Orleans on June 22nd at precisely 11:00am CST. The extremely limited releases—like less than 200 of each colorway—will pretty much only be available at the New Orleans Sneaker Politics location. According to, “a few hundred will go out to stores nationwide,” but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of getting any of those.

The Saucony Café du Monde Shadow 5000 retail for $120 and $125 for the Beignet Brown and Powdered Sugar colorways, respectively, but you can go ahead and assume a significant multiplier will be added to that once these hit the secondary market.

So I’m just going to throw this out there one more time, should anyone want to send a pair of size 10 Saucony Café du Monde Shadow 5000s to me, preferably in Beignet Brown but I will gladly update my entire wardrobe to make the Powdered Sugars work too, I won’t say no.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

Top image via Hypebeast

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