It’s been a while since London’s Hasbean Coffee has had a brick and mortar location of their very own; primarily a roaster/wholesaler, Hasbean haven’t had a cafe space in some 14 years now. But that changed recently—at least temporarily—with the opening of (H)AND, a manual coffee and tea brewing pop-up inside UNIQLO’s flagship London store.

The Hasbean pop-up in not the first coffee shop to take over a sliver of real estate inside a storefront for Japanese lifestyle brand–last year The Barn set up shop inside UNIQLO’s flagship store in Berlin—but (H)AND might be the most ambitious. According to a press release, they will have “60+ unique lots of specialty coffee sourced by Hasbean available at any given time” covering “a wide range of origins, varieties, and processes.”

“Highlight[ing] the power and beauty of collaboration (‘AND’) and manual creation (‘HAND’) through coffee and tea service,” all coffees will be made with handmade brewers created by Kalita in a collaboration with local manufacturers from the Tsubame region of Japan. The appropriately named “Tsubame & Kalita” Collection from the “& Kalita” Initiative will also be available for purchase at the pop-up.

(H)AND will also have a variety of “limited edition small-batch teas” sourced by London’s Lalani & Co, which will all be made on the Aurora brewer, designed by Jameel Lalani and ceramicist Linda Bloomfield. Hot water for all products in the pop-up comes via the Marco Mix UC3 multi-temperature boiler.

The Hasbean UNIQLO pop-up is anticipated to stay open for around three months, though the exact end date hasn’t been set. Coffee offerings will change daily (because there are over 60 after all), but information on the current menu can be found on (H)AND’s Instagram. For more information on the pop-up, visit their website here.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Hasbean

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