Grounds for Health is a non-profit organization looking to prevent cervical cancer in women through screenings and preventative treatment in developing countries like Peru, Kenya, and Ethiopia. And the international NGO has just received a challenge grant from an anonymous donor who will match dollar for dollar all funds raised through the end of the year up to $200,000.

It kinda sounds like something out of a movie—specifically some sort of charitable Happy Gilmore/Brewster’s Millions combo dombo—a wealthy philanthropist will give away a large sum of money but only under ONE condition. But being 2017, this feel-good story needs a crowd-funding twist. If Grounds for Health is successful in reaching their $200,000 goal, they have big plans for how to use the funds.

In 2018 Grounds for Health would like to 1) continue improving its high quality and innovative programs through the addition of thermocoagulation as a treatment technology and 2) lay the groundwork to incorporate HPV testing in its single day model the following year.

Grounds for Health has already raised $50,000, but they need help reaching the rest of their goal. If you’d like to help and have your donation matched by an anonymous kind spirit, visit Grounds for Health’s Crowdrise page. It’s basically like getting a 50% discount on your donation. A bargain like that is too good to pass up, so donate now!

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