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So you think you can just slap some loose coffee affiliation on a pair of shoes and I’m gonna run out and spend hundreds of dollars because I’m so easily cajoled into doing or buying anything so long as there is some coffee tie-in? You’re damn right I am. And try though I might, Saucony still won’t send me any of those sweet pumpkin spice kicks to “field test.” Which is why there will be a lot of explaining to do at the Cadwalader household once my wife sees that this month’s expenses include not one but two new pairs of coffee-related footwear.

Released earlier this week, Wolverine’s has put out an online exclusive line of boots inspired by Michigan neighbor Madcap Coffee. The “Cafe Collection” is a series of coffee color-related updates to Wolverine’s classic lifestyle boot, the 1,000 Mile. Options include the “Cortado”, “Cappucino”, “Espresso”, and my personal favorite the “Café Miel.” They’re a combination of good looks and durability, perfect for those cold nights spent locked out of the house once your wife finds out you took $360 from your daughter’s college fund to buy a pair of boots.

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If your style is more casual, then the New Balance/Counter Culture collaboration may be more your speed. Made exclusively for J. Crew, the 997 Cortado will be available in stores and online starting tomorrow at 10am local time. The first purchasers at select stores will also receive a bag of “limited-edition Counter Culture Coffee for J.Crew medium roast.”

Or, if you live in New York, head over to the Counter Culture NY Training Lab today between 6:00 and 8:00pm EST to not only grab a pair of these stylish sneakers before anyone else but to also learn how to make the namesake cortado. I wish I already had a pair. They’d be perfect for running away while my wife is chucking $400 boots at my head with surprising accuracy (CAREFUL! I JUST BOUGHT THOSE!!!).

Zac Cadwalader is the stylishly shod news editor at Sprudge Media Network and is looking for a couch to crash on while the heat dies down.

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