Have you ever been watching a Barista Championship signature beverage course and been like, “I could have made that.” Well here’s your chance to put your nitrogenated aromatic smoke where your mouth is. Stumptown has teamed up with Oatly, La Marzocco, and Dona Chai for STUMPED, a Chopped-style challenge where teams have to use ingredients from a mystery basket to create the best signature beverage, and sign-ups to compete close Friday, July 19th.

Taking place on August 4th at Stumptown’s Brooklyn cafe, STUMPED will feature four teams of three people each competing “to make one incredible espresso signature beverage using all of the mystery basket ingredients provided & their ingenuity.” Each basket will include coffee from Stumptown as well as milk from Oatly—both required components of the ad-hoc sig bevs—as well as a smattering of mystery ingredients that competitors “must use.” Unlike the show, this competition will consist of one round per team. And waste will be taken into consideration by the judges when choosing the winner. Supplies and wares will be provided, and any additional supplies brought by competitors will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

For those not lucky enough to be one of the 12 competitors, the fun abounds for all spectators. Emceed by the inimitable Becky Reeves, STUMPED will feature tons of raffle prizes, drinks by Dona, ice cream from Oatly, food by Ryan Wanslow “of La Marzocco fame,” and Maciej (Kasperowicz) on the ones and twos providing the sonic vibes.

Spectator tickets for STUMPED are technically free and registration can be done via Eventbrite, but the hosts are asking for a $5-10 sliding scale donation; they do note in the event page, though, that no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds from the night will go to Project Eats.

Teams will be decided lottery-style and submissions are due Friday July 19th, with winner announcements made the following Friday.

For more information, visit the STUMPED Eventbrite page. Time to get your roommate to throw a bunch of random shit in a bag for you to try to concoct something drinkable from, lest you get STUMPED!

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