Now that the reboot of Tales of The City on Netflix has put the Bay Area back on the map we’re sure that folks across the country (and around the world) are clamoring to take a bite of that Golden Apple. Like Mary Ann Singleton in the go-go 70s, maybe it’s time to pack your bag and make the big move. Call your parents from the Buena Vista and say “sorry, mom, I’m not coming home!” Take a swig of that Irish Coffee and take a deep breath. This is your new life now! Well, that’s all well and good but you’ll need a job—and next week the folks at The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room will be hosting five incredible Bay Area coffee companies for a Specialty Coffee Job Fair.

We reached out to Richard Sandlin of Royal Coffee to find out what’s really going down.

Give us the elevator pitch for this event:

The (possibly first ever) Specialty Coffee Job Fair elevator pitch is to help great people find great jobs at great companies. We have a chance to provide the space and be the physical bridge between the job seeker and the job provider. It’s a unique event, something we think the coffee industry has been asking for and didn’t know it needed.

As green coffee importers we have a birds-eye view on the entire industry. We are in contact with roasters from all over the country daily. Now, with our brand new space, The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room, we have a new home where we get to meet all aspects of the industry. We keep hearing questions from amazing coffee professionals surrounding their next career move and we keep hearing from roasters wondering how to find their next great hire. The Specialty Coffee Job Fair is their chance to meet one another face to face.

You said Sprudge Jobs played a small role in the inspiration for this event. Tell us more!

I’ve been an avid reader of Sprudge since 2011. Since you launched the jobs page back in 2013 it’s one of my favorite places to check in on the industry. Sure, articles tell you about the movers and shakers, but that usually tells the story of what has already happened. The Sprudge Jobs page is a window into who is growing in the industry, which company has expanded to a new territory, which roaster’s wholesale game has gone to the next level, and what that new new is. I’m a believer in the idea that people make companies great and nothing tells that story more that a job opening.

We now have a chance to introduce the job seeker to their next big break. We can introduce them to the company they’ve been dying to meet. In a world going more and more digital, we have a chance to introduce people and shake hands.

How will the job fair be set up? Will it be like speed dating?

The Job Fair will take place in our Presentation Room at The Crown in Oakland from 10am to 2pm on Friday, June 28th. We’ve assembled an all star cast of roasters, Andytown Coffee, Blue Bottle, Equator Coffees, Highwire Coffee, and Red Bay Coffee to bring their hiring team, their leaders, and their coffee all to The Crown. Each roaster will be stationed at one of our cupping tables, offering tastes of their coffees and a chance to meet hiring managers one on one. Looking to cut through the noise of the online application process? Now is your chance to get noticed.

The Bay Area Coffee Community will host a panel discussion on key topics facing job seekers in the specialty coffee industry with representatives of each of the five roasting companies present during the event beginning at 12pm.

RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Please come in professional attire with printed resumes in hand.

What kinds of opportunities will be available?

We’ve placed all of the jobs available on our website, the Eventbrite page, and the Facebook Event page. These range from entry level positions like barista or production assistant all the way to leadership positions like cafe manager, wholesale sales, account executives, all the way to GM.

Is this open to coffee newbies and coffee olds alike?

This event is open to anyone interested in a career in coffee or growing their career in coffee. You’ll have a chance to meet hiring managers and CEOs of leading coffee companies to discuss real jobs you can apply for. This is unlike any other coffee event to date. The goal is to help attendees land their dream job.

Please come dressed to impress and with printed resumes in hand. Now is your chance to break away from the pack and get noticed. The coffee industry is hiring. Are you ready for your next great move?

Will there be snacks and coffee available to eat and/or drink?

Each roaster will offer free tastes of their coffee. We’ve gathered five of some of the Bay Area’s leading roasting companies—applicants are in for a real treat. The Crown’s Tasting Room will be open with drinks available for purchase as well.

Can I bring a friend?


What should participants bring with them?

Please come dressed in professional attire with printed resumes in hand. The hiring managers are highly motivated to meet with talented and informed applicants.

I would strongly encourage attendees to review the positions on our website and come with specific questions for the positions of interest.

If I wear vintage third wave coffee gear will my odds at getting a coffee job improve?

Great question. I think you should do whatever you need to do to get noticed. Professional attire is encouraged, but above all, dress to impress. Be you.

Is the accordion shop next door hiring?

You’d have to inquire. It turns out that the accordion shop next door, Smythe’s Accordion Center is the stuff of legend in the Accordion community. I don’t know much about music played on the Accordion but game respect game.

What incredible events are lined up this summer?

The Crown has a ton of great events coming up. Be sure to check out website for the full line up. We are soon launching Saturday Food Pop Ups, Donation Based Yoga supporting Grounds for Health, Q Classes, Roasting Classes, Public Tastings, and maybe the world’s greatest gathering of coffee ice cream. Big things are always happening at The Crown. If you aren’t following us on social, now is the time.


Visit the Royal Coffee website for more information.

Photos courtesy Royal Coffee by Evan Gilman.

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