Fall spices.

Saxbys Coffee takes the whole Pumpkin Spice latte thing to the next level. How? Real pumpkin. “Our recipe uses a house-made sauce which consists of real pumpkin, sugar, and spices,” says Kara Solarz of Saxbys.

(via Instagram)

(via Instagram)

If you’re going to get some classic pumpkin fall coffee realness this season, do yourself a favor and get one that’s made with fresh ingredients. We asked Kara Solarz to tell us more about the secret behind their fall drink.

Was there a specific person/barista behind the concoction?

Of course, it takes a village to create the perfect drink—our whole team had a hand in developing and especially taste-testing our all-natural pumpkin spice latte. But the dynamic duo of Mike Henrich, our Operations Coordinator, and Michelle Nur-Chowdhury, our Director of Training, played a huge part in finalizing the recipe.

What’s in it?

Espresso, steamed milk, and our house-made, all-natural pumpkin sauce, which contains pumpkin (real pumpkin!), white and brown sugars, and classic pumpkin spices.


How much does it cost?

$3.90 for a small, $4.45 for a medium, $4.90 for a large.

How long will you serve it?

‘Til fall ends and the holidays kick in to full gear.


What food does it pair with?

We’re personally partial to pairing it with our biscotti, plus drizzling just the pumpkin sauce over our Fro-Yo is heavenly.

If we were to pair it with music, and listen to the perfect song while sipping, what would that song be?

“I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez, ideally the Ja Rule remix.

Saxbys locations are found in Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

If you or your favorite cafe has a fall feel-good drink, tell us about it! Send us an e-mail at falldrinks@sprudge.com to be considered for Feel Good Drinks Of Fall.