Portland, Oregon based barista Bethany Hargrove (Barista) has stunned us in the past with fabulous barista competition routines. We met up with her again last week in Palm Springs at the 2015 Big Western Regional Coffee Competitions, where she helped judge fifty-two barista competitors from thirteen states. It was there we learned about her hobby of brewing coffee in extreme places and then blogging about it. She has a blog called “The Places We Brew” that she runs with Megan O’Connell of PublicUS.

We love all of those things. From back-country brewing, toboggan Chemexing, to outdoor nudist coffee-making–we love all things coffee that are strange and extreme.


The blog features brew locales like the Oregon coast, deep in the darkest woods, and a rickety old dock on the Willamette River.

Posts feature beautiful photography and occasional video evidence (like the one above). This blog is loaded with inspiration to get outside and brew something.


Read more at The Places We Brew.