Who doesn’t love coffee? Not lions, that’s for sure. Instead of making you work your way out of that unnecessary and cumbersome double negative, I’ll go ahead and tell you that lions love coffee.

A new video from the Times of Israel show a group of lions having themselves a time by rolling around in coffee grounds at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv. “Who gave these lions coffee and why are they rolling around in it?” are two questions you are surely asking yourself right now. Working backwards and then forwards, let me just start by answering your question with another question: “who among us hasn’t rolled around in coffee grounds before? Let them cast the first puck.” The real answers, though, are that the big cats were given the coffee grounds by their handler, Yifta, and was done in hopes that the animals would act as they would in the wild.

According to the article, predatory animals often have a natural instinct to roll around in things with a strong scent, which effectively disguises their own smell from their prey. And indeed these lions as they are wont to do, rolling around in the coffee for nearly half an hour.

Either way, just look at these terrifyingly cute little buddies. Have you ever seen so many big ole cats acting like tiny kitties in such a deadly cuddle puddle?

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*all media via the Times of Israel

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